Taina Berardi || Founder & Creative behind Jewel of the gYpsy    <<Photo credit: @Studio.Liuniste>>

Taina Berardi || Founder & Creative behind Jewel of the gYpsy

<<Photo credit: @Studio.Liuniste>>


About Jewel of the Gypsy

Jewel of the Gypsy is a soulful collection of gemstone jewelry, mala meditation necklaces, bracelets, and accessories handmade with love and intention in San Diego, CA. Based on a deep love of vibrant color, world culture and travel, influenced by spiritual tradition, yoga, and meditation practice, our bespoke designs are unique and intentional, representing a memory, a moment in time, or a mantra. Positively charged and crafted from the Universe's most natural elements, each piece our colorful and exotic jewelry is like no other – a reflection of your unique life-force.                        One-of-a-kind adornments for the soul.

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About Taina Berardi

Inspired by the limitless benefits of a regular yoga and meditation practice, bonded with artistic creativity, and a wanderlust for exploration, Taina infuses compassion and vibrant healing energy into all of her art, workshops, public yoga classes, and private client sessions.

Formerly a corporate marketing executive now living and working her most passionate life, Taina is the founder and creative artist behind Jewel of the Gypsy. Trained in stress reduction and relaxation techniques, Compassion Cultivation, Crystal Healing, aromatherapy, Reiki energy healing, Vinyasa, Yin, and Sculpt yoga disciplines, Taina uses all of these forms of curative, integrative healing and more as a means of restoring and revitalizing her clients so they can live a happy, healthy existence.

Book a private session through our contact page to schedule a healing experience completely tailored to your unique needs and constitution-- mind, body, spirit, and soul.         

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Teaching Schedule

MON 8:00 AM - Vinyasa Yoga @ Sojourn HC

WED 9:30 AM - Yin Yoga+Reiki @ Sojourn HC

WED 5:30 PM - Vinyasa Yoga @ Sojourn HC

SAT 9 AM - Park Yoga @ Three of Life Yoga